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Strong Heroines, sexy heroes and always, a happy ending are what you will find within the pages of every J.D. Wylde novel. It's what makes her novels, "pure mountain magic." 

With a deep belief in the magic that happens when two souls connect and the heart finds love, she has a line of sexy contemporary romances, as well as a line of sweet inspirational romances. She also believes in the power of 4-inch heels and that anything can be cured with the right amount of chocolate!

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Sometimes all you need is a second chance.

When Trouble Comes Calling. A 20th century historical romance about trust, letting go of the past and finding the kind of love that lasts through the ages.

Ray Trainor is the unofficial law in Vermin County. At least since his return from the war in Vietnam. But the quiet solitude he craves is shot to hell when he pulls up on a stranded motorist. He knows the non-descript coupe is loaded with illegal moonshine. Knows the driver is most likely selling. But what he could never anticipate was the gut punch to his heart and his libido when he sets eyes on the sassy blond with a secret that could get them both killed in a showdown likely to blow up half of Vermin County. Oh, yeah. Trouble has definitely come callin’. And Ray was looking forward to it.

When Trouble Comes Calling, available in e-format, paperback and hardcover.

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Let all you do be done in love.

This profound message from 1 Corinthians 16:14 is the cornerstone for J.D. Wylde's inspirational romance, The Homecoming. A story where the battle lines have been drawn between the greed and corruption of big coal and the men and women desperately fighting to save their Kentucky hometown from the devastating effects of mountaintop removal mining.

The Homecoming, a story of struggle and faith, of courage and love, and finding a home where none seems possible.

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