Passages & Prose, LLC

Woman-owned Business Launches First Audio Book Publishing Company in Pennsylvania

Lillie Leonardi, founder of publishing company, Passages & Prose, LLC was once an FBI responder who heeded the call to Flight 93 in Shanksville. This life-changing event prompted Leonardi to author three books and eventually begin a Pittsburgh-based publishing house.

Now Leonardi is expanding the company to include audio-book production. 

Passages & Prose keeps it local – using hometown talent to produce and record audio book projects.

Authors are encouraged to learn more!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PITTSBURGH (February 25, 2020) – Lillie Leonardi, accomplished author and founder of Passages & Prose, LLC, announced today that Passages & Prose, LLC, now in its sixth year, will expand to include audiobook production and further develop its literary agency services. In collaboration with the Center for Media Innovation (CMI) at Point Park University, Passages & Prose, LLC helps authors navigate the publishing industry and provides opportunities for authors to cultivate, promote, and distribute their works in audio and print formats.

“I’m thrilled for this collaboration and that this major expansion will establish woman-owned Passages & Prose, LLC, as Pennsylvania’s first audio publishing company. This will enable us to grow our mission and extend the important community programs such as Books Bridge Hope” said Ms. Leonardi. “We invite novice and established authors to contact us at this time.” She adds, “This growth would not be possible without my innovative collaborators and advisory board members.”

The expansion will evolve in phases through Fall of 2020: extension of the current audio production capabilities, promotion services, and a collaboration with a leading national distributor. Passages & Prose, LLC currently works with more than 50 authors and 20 narrators and in recent months, Ms. Leonardi successfully assisted in negotiating a film and/or television series option for author David L. Koren and his book entitled, Far Away in the Sky.

Passages & Prose, LLC will continue to focus on new voices and projects, particularly spiritual memoirs with an angelic element, near death or paranormal experience that provides a new and authentic perspective, in addition to, the next great historical or inspirational romance stories with unique settings, spiritual imprints, and family tales of the past that transcend time and generations. Preferred genres remain general fiction, historical and inspirational romance, metaphysical (angelic encounters and near-death experiences), urban paranormal, and cyber technology thrillers (a newly created genre).

In addition to Point Park University, Passages & Prose, LLC collaborators include: Amanda Lee Glassware; Amy Philips-Haller, journalist and television producer; Anne Flynn Schlicht, director of Chatham University’s Women’s Business Center; Bridget Gaussa, director of program development, Cribs for Kids; Chris Sichi, photographer and editor; Completely Booked; Cribs for Kids; Diane Scabilloni, author and banker; Emily Vander Mey, graphic designer; Gina Masciola, manager of WQED Education Projects; Gina Pferdehirt, communications professional; Jennifer Bannon, author and educator; Joyce Wilk, author and operations; Madhu Bazaz Wangu, author and founder of Mindful Writers Group; Patricia Primi, general manager for Barnes and Noble, Inc.; Pittsburgh Mercy Operation Safety Net; and WQED Education.

Books Bridge Hope, a non-profit literary initiative of Passages and Prose, LLC, promotes reading, writing, and literacy by providing books to housing insecure community members, residing in shelters and on the streets of Pittsburgh. In association with Pittsburgh Mercy Operation Safety Net, Books Bridge Hope provides pop-up libraries to deliver books on a monthly basis in addition to writing workshops to aid individuals in penning their stories. “Research and experience have shown that access to reading can help individuals positively deal with mental health issues,” says Ms. Leonardi.

Formerly with the FBI, Ms. Leonardi has several “firsts” that include: being a responder at Flight 93, Shanksville on 9/11; the first female police officer for the City of Arnold; and female chief of police for Chatham College (University). Ms. Leonardi is devoted to her mission and reminds us that, “A well-told story can enlighten, inspire, change lives and open doors for readers to experience tales worthy of the read.”

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