Passages & Prose, LLC

Founded in 2014 by two-time Hay House® traditionally published author Lillie Leonardi, Passages & Prose, LLC is dedicated to supporting reading, writing, and literacy in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities
Passages & Prose, LLC meets these goals by offering arts and literacy programming through events, partnerships, collaborations and workshops, and by providing opportunities for authors to share their literary works with the public.

In 2020, Passages & Prose, LLC will expand to include: audiobook production and literary agency services. In collaboration with the Center for Media Innovation (CMI) at Point Park University, Passages & Prose, LLC will provide opportunities for authors to cultivate, navigate, promote, publish and distribute their works in both audio and print format. 

In recent months, Lillie Leonardi successfully assisted in negotiating a film and/or television series option for author David L. Koren and his book entitled: Far and Away in the Sky.