Passages & Prose, LLC


Passages & Prose, LLC was founded in 2014 by author Lillie Leonardi. Lillie is a twice-traditionally published author with Hay House. She has collaborated extensively with authors, booksellers, libraries, multi-media agencies and non-profit organizations to promote authors and literary events throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. 

The company's primary mission is to help authors cultivate, navigate, publish and promote their creative works in audio and print formats. Currently more than 50 authors collaborate on literary endeavors. Lillie has also successfully assisted to negotiate a film and/or television series option for author David L. Koren and his book entitled, Far Away in the Sky.

Passages & Prose, LLC continues to focus on new voices and projects, particularly spiritual memoirs with an angelic element, near death or paranormal experience that provides a new and authentic perspective, historical or inspirational romance stories with unique settings and family tales of the past that transcend generations. Preferred genres remain general fiction, historical and inspirational romance, meta-physical, urban paranormal, and cyber technology thrillers (a newly created genre). 

Passages & Prose, LLC is operated by authors and media professionals, and led by a stellar female advisory board.