Author Representation

Company representatives act on behalf of an author to promote their works to an independent or traditional publishing house that shares a similar creative vision, commitment, and passion for the client's literary project. 

Passages & Prose, LLC is proud of its literary efforts to bring author's creative works to a greater audience. The company's success is accomplished through "golden relationships" with clients and collaborators such as: Barnes & Noble and WQED Education. 

Since 2015 to present date, the company and its collaborators have developed and sponsored imaginative literary initiatives to include: three major festivals, book launches, local author and young writer's book signing events, and the cultivation of the annual WQED Young Writers winning stories anthology. 

Passages & Prose, LLC has also assisted INDIE authors in placement of their books onto the shelves of Barnes & Noble booksellers nationally. The following authors and titles have recently been added. 

  • Lisa Donovan, Birds In My Backyard
  • Lillie Leonardi, The Blue Witch: Within
  • J.D. Wylde, The Journey

The company's primary mission is to help authors cultivate, navigate, publish and promote their creative works in audio and print formats. 

The company and its creative team delights in focusing on "second chapter" authors. The 55 and older group of writers pursuing their dream of publishing a book. We believe that every individual has at least one (1) book or story to share with the world. 

Initial author consultation is free. 


Lillie Leonardi, Founder of Passages & Prose, LLC expertly represented me in negotiations to secure contracts with two film companies to purchase the television and/or film rights to my book Far Away in the Sky: A Memoir of the Biafran Airlift for use as a documentary film and/or television series. 

I first met Ms. Leonardi when I was invited to an event for local authors sponsored by her company, and afterwards, I felt comfortable in asking her for guidance in bringing my book to a higher level. She is efficient, thorough, and organized, sincere and firm with her integrity. My confidence has been rewarded. 

Ms. Leonardi is currently assisting me in preparing a second edition of the book to be released in conjunction with the television series. 

David L. Koren, Author
Far Away in the Sky: A Memoir of the Biafran Airlift 

When a Barnes & Noble corporate representative (New York City) contacted me to inquire about carrying my children's book, Birds in My Backyard, I knew the first person to thank was Lillie Leonardi. She has been a stalwart promoter of my book to the local Barnes & Noble store and other booksellers in her network. Working on the paperback version with her and her talented book designer has been a pleasure. 

When we began to market the book via my Amazon account, sales picked up in the ensuing months by over 400%! Since I do self-shipping, the crew at the post office teases me on my daily visits with books to mail all over the country,

With Lillie and her team in my corner, I feel more confident about reaching new audiences and producing a quality product when it's time for the next book. 

Lisa Donovan, Author
Birds In My Backyard 


Our partnership with Passages & Prose, LLC has been invaluable! With their guidance and expertise, we have been able to publish four (4) books of our winning stories from our WQED Young Writers Contest. The P&P team was able to walk us through the entire publishing process and offer advice every step of the way. In addition, they collaborate with a vast network of local authors. This collaboration was very helpful in providing authors for school assemblies and writing workshops. 

Michelle Imler
WQED Education