Author Representation

Company representatives act on behalf of an author to promote their works to an independent or traditional publishing house that shares a similar creative vision, commitment, and passion for the client's literary project. 

Passages & Prose, LLC is proud of its literary efforts to bring author's creative works to a greater audience. The company's success is accomplished through golden relationships with clients and collaborators such as: Barnes & Noble and WQED Education. 

Since 2015 to present date, the company and its collaborators have developed and sponsored imaginative literary initiatives to include: three major festivals, book launches, local author and young writer's book signing events, and the cultivation of the annual WQED Young Writers winning stories anthology. 

Passages & Prose, LLC has also assisted INDIE authors in placement of their books onto the shelves of Barnes & Noble booksellers nationally. The following authors and titles have recently been added. 

  • Lisa Donovan, Birds in My Backyard
  • Lillie Leonardi, The Blue Witch: Within
  • J.D. Wylde, The Journey

The company's primary mission is to help authors cultivate, navigate, publish and promote their creative works in audio and print formats. Currently more than 50 authors collaborate on literary endeavors. Lillie has also successfully assisted to negotiate a film and/or television series option for author David L. Koren and his book entitled, Far Away in the Sky.

Initial author consultation is free.