An eco system is defined as: a complex network or interconnected system. It can be one that is biological in nature and shares an environment, or one of technology that links humanity through communication and multimedia venues.

Cypress is an ecosystem of learning and multi-media project developed by Passages & Prose, LLC. It is a network of individuals, creative content, culture, strategy and current themes all of which have an impact on both the formal and informal learning practices that take place globally. 

Cypress provides production services to artists, authors and innovative creators to reach a broader audience through audio and visual formats. These individuals have unique voices that appeal to different market segments, but all fall under the humanist and spiritual themes rooted in the foundation of the company and the global community. 

With different venues of contents and vision from a myriad of imaginative creators and perspectives, Cypress allows for audiences to be segmented for specific themes and targeted marketing of brands and products on a podcast-by-podcast basis, as well as, allowing for advertising strategies involving the entire company and its community collaborators and underwriters. 

What makes Cypress unique?

With each pod on the Cypress tree, a root cause is identified, discussed, and options to resolve are presented as are resources and connections provided to heal.

  1. Are you Intuit: Lillie Leonardi
  2. The Muse: Cally Jamis Vannare
  3. Resilient Mind: Dr. Sheila Roth
  4. A Mindful Life: Dr. Kathleen Shoop and Dr. Madhu Bazaz Wangu

All podcasts are available on Apple and Libsyn.