An Evening with Author J.D. Wylde [Recap]


Wednesday, October 23rd, J.D. Wylde celebrated with a book chat the release of her novel, When Love Plays Softly. This is the 11th novel she has released. It's a story of doubt and obsession, but when lives are endangered and the future is on the brink of extinction, a story of faith, trust, and, of course, love. 

"Angels Among Us" [Recap] 


On Thursday, September 26th, Lillie Leonardi gave an enlightening, inspiring chat about heavenly Angels Among Us. She spoke of angelic encounters, her law enforcement career, and the miraculous event she witnessed at the horrific 9/11 Flight 93 crash site. All who attended left inspired and in awe. 

I believe. Do you?


Book Presentation [Recap]


Tuesday, September 3rd Lillie Leonardi presented her book, In the Shadow of the Badge, which details her life-altering experience responding to the Flight 93 crash site, which forever changed her life.  

I believe. Do you?

Flight 93 Memorial Pilgrimage [Recap]

On August 24, 2019 Lillie Leonardi made a pilgrimage to the Flight 93 Memorial located in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. She made the journey accompanied by clergy, friends and healers. The purpose was to meditate, pray and foster healing for 9/11 responders, recovery workers, and all those in need. 

Participants met at the Memorial Plaza. Prayers were offered in quiet reflection for the sacred site. 

I believe. Do you?

Whispers 3:  An Evening of Intuitive Enlightenment [Recap] 


Katie Kelly is an experienced Psychic Medium who specializes in connecting with departed loved ones, guardian angels and spirit guides. Elesha LeLe Morris is an intuitive painter who connects with spirit through her acrylics. 

The enchanted evening was hosted by Christy Leslie, Are You Intuit, and Passages & Prose, LLC.

I believe! Do you?