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On September 11, 2001 and in the post days of recovery, Lillie was utilized by the FBI to address law enforcement, government, and social service agency representatives assisting with evidence recovery and preparations for two memorial services at the Flight 93 crash site. She not only served as primary liaison to the United Airlines Humanitarian Response Team—presenting at daily briefings and interacting with surviving family members—but also escorted families to the crash site for the memorial services. Prior to her career with the FBI, Lillie worked as the lead law enforcement officer on two college campuses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1984, she was appointed to serve as the first female police officer with the City of Arnold, Pennsylvania. A regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Heal Your Life digital publications, Lillie was a 2016 honoree at the Women of Achievement Awards, an annual event hosted with the non-profit Cribs For Kids®.

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In the Shadow of a Badge, Lillie Leonardi takes readers on a dramatic journey of what happens when her two very distinct realities become miraculously intertwined. As an inspiring example of what it really means to be called to service, Leonardi shows that it’s never too late to find your spiritual path and life’s purpose.

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The White Light of Grace

In The White Light of Grace, Lillie Leonardi traces life-altering events, times when she was called on the angels to channel and moments when she learned how to rely on herself. Her remarkable story focuses on her personal transformations, as well as, the incredible life altering experiences.

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Before I Go

Memories sustained are not always kind to the heart, mind and soul . Sometimes, the emotions attached remain trapped inside, never allowing for the sentiment to reach the surface. Before I Go is Lillie Leonardi’s first eBook and co-authored by her eldest grandchild. It is a tale about the healing power of forgiveness.

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