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After serving for 25 years in the law enforcement profession, Lillie Leonardi retired to pursue her lifelong passion for writing. A twice traditionally published author with Hay House, Lillie has travelled about the country to discuss her books: In The Shadow Of A Badge and The White Light Of Grace.

While training at the police academy, Lillie was the only female cadet among her male counterparts. She entered the profession of policing as the first female patrol officer in her small police department north of Pittsburgh. During her tenure as an officer, she specialized in youth violence prevention and intervention, and investigations of crimes against children.

Lillie later joined the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and served with the Pittsburgh Division as its community affairs coordinator. She distinguished herself as a 9/11 responder at the Flight 93 crash site, serving as primary liaison to the United Airlines Humanitarian Response Team and surviving family members.

In 2014, Lillie founded Passages & Prose to promote reading, writing and literacy throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. Her company assists authors to cultivate, navigate, publish and promote their works.

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On a moonlit night in Katherine’s thirteenth year, she first came to know the power within. It would take her another twenty years to learn of the divine legacy that ordained her female ancestors with unique, intuitive gifts.

When Katherine joins the notable ranks of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, she begins to experience the mystical forces within. These encounters take her on a journey of awakening and a deep awareness of her familial connection to the Divine.

When the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, Katherine seeks answers from her paternal grandmother. The wise sage shares that the women of her lineage are blessed to sense angels, hear their whispers, witness their presence and channel their healing energy.

Katherine’s story reflects the dichotomy of two worlds where she struggles to balance her earthly duties in law enforcement with her soul’s heavenly purpose.

The Blue Witch: Within is Lillie’s debut fiction novel. She wrote it to honor the Divine, her intuitive gifts and former profession.




Ever since she was a child, Lillie Leonardi could hear the whispers of angels. She spent years pushing these visions aside. But on September 11, 2001, while serving with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, her life, like so many others, was forever changed. After witnessing a legion of angels at the Flight 93 crash site, she experienced a spiritual transformation that awakened her to the magic, mystery, and miracles of life, and she gained the courage to share her story with others.

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The White Light of Grace

In this decades-spanning memoir, Lillie Leonardi reveals how she first uncovered her intuitive gifts. She explains how her ancestry, strict Catholic upbringing, and other significant events impacted her spiritual evolution and devotion to God. Throughout her journey of self-discovery, her realizations about forgiveness, self-acceptance, and healing unfold and offer divine inspiration for readers.

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Before I Go

Memories sustained are not always kind to the heart, mind and soul. Sometimes, the emotions attached remain trapped inside, never allowing for the sentiment to reach the surface. Before I Go is Lillie Leonardi’s first eBook and co-authored by her eldest grandchild. It is a tale about the healing power of forgiveness.

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