Audiobook Production

    Audiobook production is the process by which a written book is narrated and recorded into audio format. 

    Audiobook production is available to clients. 

    Voiceover Narration

    Voiceover is a production technique where a narrator is used in an audiobook production. The narrator reads from a client's manuscript. 

    Point Park University graduate, undergraduate dramatic art and theatre students, and professional voiceover talent will provide narration for client's audiobooks. 

    Voiceover narrations services are available to clients. 


    Distribution means to spread the client's product throughout the literary and retail marketplace to varied venues and geographical areas. 

    Distribution services are available for client's creative works via audio and print downloads (PDF), and sales of trade paper books. 


    Editing services are available for authors that pen books in written format. 

    Costs to edit client's manuscripts are based on an hourly rate and/or number of pages. 


    Print services are available for clients interested in bringing their works to life via tradepaper format. 

    Print services are provided through an experienced subcontractor. Passages & Prose, LLC assists clients to navigate the print process.

    Costs to print a client's book are based on art design, book cover image, color or black print, format, illustrations, and number of pages. 


    Art Design

    Art design combines elements of art, business, and engineering to create products that appeal to individual reader and specific marketplaces. 

    Art design services are available for book cover images and/or illustrations.

    Art design costs are based on an hourly rate and intricacy of book cover artwork and/or illustration. 


    A podcast is a type of digital media, usually audio, that is available in a series of episodes and streamed or downloaded by the end user over the internet. 

    Podcast production services are available from concept (vision) to downloadable episodes developed in collaboration with experienced producers. 


    Video is used to create visual multimedia that combines a sequence of images and/or sounds to form a moving picture. 

    Video services are available to help promote a client's works for a specific marketing platform. 

    A Marketing Platform is used to represent a client's creative works to potential consumers and marketplaces to promote, purchase and sale.